• Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms: 20 Years After Vienna (2013)
    On October 3, 2013, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) hosted a daylong symposium to mark the 20th anniversary of the UN Vienna World Conference on Human Rights: Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms: 20 Years After Vienna. The symposium brought together human rights activists, academics, and experts to discuss the significance and achievements of the Vienna conference, present-day challenges facing human rights, and pathways forward.
  • Addressing Gaps in the Defense of Women Human Rights Defenders: A Report on the Strategic Conversation (2011)
    By DasGupta, A. & Rotramel, A. Edited by Bunch, C. & Real, M. This report discusses the lack of awareness and support that is given to women’s issues at an international level and hopes to shed light on the challenges women human rights defenders face regularly.
  • Listening to Each Other: A Multigenerational Feminist Dialogue, CREA, Center for Women's Global Leadership and the Youth Coalition (2008), available on CREA's website
    Hosted by the Center of Women’s Global Leadership, the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, and CREA, this meeting report chronicles discussions on feminist leadership by addressing multigenerational issues affecting women activists, feminists, movements, and organizations.
  • Women Testify: A Planning Guide for Popular Tribunals & Hearings (2005)
    By Reilly, N. & Posluszny, L. This guide draws on the Center for Women’s Global Leadership’s experiences of organizing women’s human rights tribunals and hearings.
  • Feminism in the Muslim World Leadership Institutes: 1998 & 1999 Reports, Center for Women's Global Leadership and Women Living Under Muslim Laws (2000), available on WLUML's website
    By Hélie, A. Women from Muslim countries gathered to provide personal experience for women activists to examine the broad range of efforts that individuals and organizations are involved in throughout the Muslim world and beyond.
  • Les voix des femmes et «les droits de l´homme» (French) (2000)
    Edited by Bunch, C., Hinojosa, C. & Reilly, N. The objective of this publication is to create easy access to those who are in the French speaking countries illuminating the purpose behind Global Campaign for Women’s Human Rights. This selection of work includes an article on the politics of language and chapters on the concept and history of the campaign.
  • Local Action/Global Change: Learning About the Human Rights of Women and Girls (1999)
    By Mertus, J. with Dutt, M. & Flowers, N. This comprehensive training manual includes the whole spectrum of women's human rights in an "interactive" format by combining the development of rights awareness with issue-oriented activities that include discussions, role-play, story-telling and creative expression in art and music.