Welcome to the Center for Women's Global Leadership

UPDATE: The Center for Women's Global Leadership is currently undergoing a time of transition. Please be patient with us. We will update when we can.


With feminist values, we strengthen and bridge voices for human rights, towards social justice and self-determination.

To this end, we work at the intersection of gender, human rights, and economic policy, and utilize the following strategies:

  • Convene those closest to the struggle to explore and exchange ideas and solutions.
  • Research guided by those committed to realizing rights.
  • Advocate with and for those traditionally excluded from decision-making.

Transform = Convene + Research + Advocate

Our programmatic goals:

  1. Equality regardless of identity
    We aim to achieve equality by eradicating gender-based discrimination and violence in the world of work.
  2. Peace beyond the absence of war
    We redefine peace and measure it with the indicators of equality, justice, and human rights to challenge the economy of war and violence.
  3. Feminist standards as the norm
    We amplify feminist thought, standards, and leadership to influence civil society and its institutions and structures, thereby addressing inequality, discrimination, and violence.

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