CWGL Statement on International Women's Day 2020


8 March 2020: We believe that women’s rights are human rights. Today, we celebrate the courage of women to rise in the face of adversity, and flourish inspite of conflict at home, in the workplace, in our communities and in the world. Despite women’s ability to rise, we recognize the challenges women have to overcome to be taken seriously and meaningfully included in decision-making processes. We stand with those who believe a world without violence in possible – especially those who are working to eradicate femicide around the world.

We understand the compounding impacts of poverty, the climate crisis, patriarchal leadership and entrenched misogyny and urge for all unite as women’s human rights defenders and pursue solutions at national, regional and global levels to these cross-cutting issues. We value all forms of women’s work: unpaid care-work, underpaid, informal and paid. Women deserve equal pay, equal treatment in the world of work, decent conditions and the right to work. We demand full respect for women’s reproductive autonomy and agency and their right to life.

We request that those who promote equality, practice equality by equally sharing power, resources and decision-making at all levels. CWGL has been at the forefront of massive shifts, and we will continue our work to make sure that accountability is central to any decisions about women. We call on all actors and States to work together.