We have the right NOT to remain silent

We advocate with and alongside those traditionally excluded from decision-making. We believe in speaking truth to power and in using your voice as a form of resistance. We advocate to interrupt the status quo and to engage in strategic change.

Our upcoming meetings include those to influence governments, employers, unions, INGOs and special rapporteurs at the human rights council.

Our advocacy takes place:


 A tribunal to expose the gender-based violence faced by women in the world of work to demonstrate the importance of a legally binding instrument from the International Labour Organization in the form of a strong convention and recommendation on ending violence and harassment in the world of work.

Special Rapporteurs

Global ask on the eradication of violence in education – launched during 16 Days


16 days Campaign on college campuses addressing the eradication of sexual assault and other forms of violence

Technical assistance to Cites passing legislation on CEDAW and other international instruments