Gender-Based Violence

pdf Strengthening Resistance: Confronting Violence Against Women and HIV/AIDS (2006)

Researched, written and edited by Cynthia Rothschild, Mary Anne Reilly and Sara A. Nordstrom.
Center for Womens Global Leadership, 2006; 40 pages. ISBN 0-9711412-4-X. US$6.95 (plus shipping & handling)

Strengthening Resistance focuses on the points of intersection in the social, political and public health crises of violence against women and HIV/AIDS. The report uses a human rights lens to focus on critical political challenges and on innovative strategies used by activists worldwide as they respond to the links between violence and HIV/AIDS. From street theater to telenovelas/soap operas to traditional lobbying, activists in both VAW and HIV/AIDS communities are beginning to work together to focus attention to ways both crises are causes and consequences of each other. Neither can be addressed adequately without taking into account the links between them and the human rights implications of each crisis on its own, and in conjunction with the other.

Strengthening Resistance is designed as an overview of the most salient issues, and is meant for activists and policy makers alike who may be familiar with HIV/AIDS, violence against women or human rights but not necessarily the nexus across all of these areas. The report highlights nine creative advocacy initiatives from different countries and regions, offers recommendations to a range of actors and contains a resource section for further study.

Funded, in part, by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) through the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS.