Screen Shot 2021 07 09 at 1.45.41 PM   The Center for Women's Global Leadership (CWGL) remains deeply concerned about the systematic erosion of women’s well-being and human rights that has been profoundly accelerated by COVID-19 and the attendant economic crisis, which will continue unless halted by strategic policy interventions and advocacy. We believe that a just and sustainable economic recovery will not be possible without fully accounting for women’s unrecognized contributions to economic growth and well-being, supporting their pivotal role in the health and care sectors, and factoring in the cost to the economy and society of pervasive GBV combined with multiple forms of discrimination.  

   It is our pleasure to share with you a new paper titled, A Covid-19 Feminist Recovery Plan to Achieve Substantive Gender Equality, which discusses a set of core concerns for building a better future for women, from the perspectives of macroeconomic policy, human rights, and women’s labor. We offer recommendations to be considered at the international, regional, national, and local levels for gender-equitable policy change. 

   This publication is the product of a process initiated by CWGL in the fall of 2020 with leading experts working in the areas of macro-economic policy, foreign debt, labor, gender equality, and human rights, from different parts of the world, to whom we are immensely grateful for sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Click here to view and download the report:
A COVID-19 Feminist Recovery Plan to Achieve Substantive Gender Equality