The Center for Women's Global Leadership is pleased to announce the publication of the article 'The Feminist and Women’s Movement Action Plan (fwMAP): mobilising globally for Beijing +25' in the Gender & Development Journal, published by Oxfam for 25 years in partnership with Routledge/Taylor & Francis.

The Lead Author is Melissa Upreti, CWGLs Senior Director for Program and Global Advocacy and Co-Authored by Soon-Young Yoon, Chair of the Board, Women's Environment and Development Organization.

The article focuses on the importance of 2020 and Beijing +25 for women’s rights, and for those women who risk their lives each day to defend those rights. 

The Authors note, that in 2020 the United Nations will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women when 189 countries signed on to the Beijing Platform for Action. "This must be a game-changing year, an opportunity for the feminist and women’s movement to produce a transformative framework and new alliances," the article reads.

Further the Authors note: "The very premise of women’s rights as human rights is currently being challenged. That advocating for women’s human rights should become such a dangerous proposition is one of the greatest paradoxes for feminists and women’s rights activists."

The fwMAP is driven by the perspectives of local activists to define a transformative agenda that calls for profound structural changes in all spheres (political, economic, social, and cultural), and as a counter-move to the political backlash and organised attempts to roll back women’s human rights. The aim is to create a series of global dialogues, taking a multi-disciplinary and cross-cutting approach to a range of issues that are relevant to women’s lives. These dialogues aim to explore and define the profound structural changes that are needed for the realization of women’s rights as human rights, keeping in mind that this will also require holding the international community, governments, and local authorities to account.

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