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  • Camila María Belliard
  • Program Assistant

Camila María Belliard.  WGSS PhD Candidate and Instructor, Program Assistant CWGL.

Camila is a Social Anthropologist, feminist and antiracist activist, and social researcher. Her professional experience has been focused on gender, race, and migration studies in Chile and the Dominican Republic.  In 2013 she researched the intersections of gender, sexuality, and race in the experience of black Caribbean migrants in Chile, this work substantially contributed to the study of processes of sexism and racialization within the black migrant community. In the Dominican Republic, her work focused on development, teaching and research, around gender-based violence, gender education, and training in consultancy with universities like INTEC and UNIBE, and international cooperation agencies. Moreover, she directed two different research projects that focused on migration, sexual trafficking at OBMICA and Dominican-Haitian marginalized community, one in relation to cultural heritage recovery with MUDHA-AECID, and experience of gender-based violence with IDAC.  She has continued her work with gendered and racial violence and precarity experienced by Dominican-Haitian and black women and femmes in the DR and pathways to cope with them through a human rights perspective of resilience, wellbeing, and mental health.