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Mokhtar, Hasnaa

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  • Hasnaa Mokhtar
  • Postdoctoral Associate

Hasnaa Mokhtar is a Postdoctoral Associate at Rutgers University’s Center for Women’s Global Leadership. She holds a Ph.D. from Clark University and her dissertation focused on narrative power and the invisible trauma of gendered violence in Kuwait. She is a scholar, researcher, and activist, with expertise in the Arabian Gulf, focusing on narratives of Muslim survivors of gender-based violence. After graduating in 2015 with an M.A. in International Development and Social Change, Hasnaa developed a passion for transdisciplinary approaches to addressing violence in Muslim communities. Hasnaa’s writings have been published in mainstream media such as Yahoo and in academic journals such as Feminist Review and Feminist Anthropology. Previously, Hasnaa served as the executive director of the Center for Nonviolent Solutions in Worcester, MA, and more recently as the special program director at Peaceful Families Project. Hasnaa is passionate about life, personal growth, spirituality, and everything in between.