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The scope of CWGL's human rights education activities and materials are designed to reach individuals or groups working at all levels—from those helping women with specific needs and interests at the grassroots to extensive networks of international organizing campaigns. Participatory methodologies are used to help groups explore the meaning of women's rights, beginning with women's own experiences. In addition to the dozens of presentations and workshops held each year, CWGL published Local Action/Global Change: Learning About the Human Rights of Women and Girls, a comprehensive interactive training manual which covers a wide spectrum of human rights and is based on the experiences of women's groups around the world. CWGL also publishes materials in languages other than English through its Feminist Translation Project. Finally, CWGL maintains a resource center which is available for use by scholars, students, researchers and activists.

Tools and Resources

  • Tools for Women's Advocacy #1: UN Conferences at Work. An eight-page WICEJ resource that outlines how women are using the outcomes of the five-year reviews of the United Nations World Conference on Women (Beijing+5) and the World Summit on Social Development (WSSD+5) to advance economic and social rights.
  • Tools for Women's Advocacy #2: How Women Are Using the United Nations World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (WCAR) to Advance Women’s Human Rights. An eight-page WICEJ resource with local case studies and tools for using CEDAW and CERD at the local level.







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